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Dynamic Play Zones

Explore diverse zones with engaging activities, sparking creativity and keeping kids active.


Safety-Enhanced Play

Our top priority is a secure environment, allowing children to freely explore and enjoy innovative play areas with peace of mind for parents.


Family Fun Hub

A central space for families to share joyous moments, where kids experience a variety of interactive play opportunities.


Opening Hours

9am - 6pm
9am - 8pm
10am - 8pm

OMLCWhere joy knows no bounds.

Step into our world where vibrant play zones captivate young minds and safety is our utmost priority. OMLC is more than a play center; it’s a haven for families to come together, fostering an environment where the laughter of children and the bonds of family create an unforgettable experience.

What We Offer

At OMLC, we provide a dynamic indoor playground experience, guided by experienced activity leaders, and host memorable birthday parties for your child’s special day.



Birthday Party

Explore Our Whimsical Wonderland

Immerse your child in an enchanting indoor wonderland, where vibrant play zones and interactive activities await to spark their creativity and joy.

  • Climbing Walls
  • Ball Pools
  • Trampolines

    and more

Guided Adventures

Experience guided play and learning led by our expert activity leaders, ensuring a dynamic and safe environment that fosters exploration and growth.

  • Art & Craft
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Gymnastic & Running Games

    and more

Celebration Extravaganza

Celebrate your child’s special day in style with our personalized birthday party experiences, featuring a perfect blend of fun-filled festivities, delicious treats, and memorable moments.

  • Party Rooms
  • Special Activities
  • Whole Club Private Events

    and more

Unleash the Fun, Rain or Shine

+1 (604) 474 0204

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Square Feet of Wonder and Creativity


Largest All-in-one Activity Center for Children in The Lower Mainlan


State of Art Play Zones


Multi-themed Party Rooms

$99.99First Child

Per Month

Unlimited Play Time

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Exclusive Access


Per Month

Unlimited Play Time

Member Discount

Free Adult

Exclusive Access

Join Us And Become A Member

  • Unlimited visit and playtime
  • One free accompanying adult
  • 20% off all toys
  • 10% off cafe’s menu, access to member-exclusive menu
  • Exclusive access to club-special events

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